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PAGE magazine germany features kame twice in its december'01 issue.

letter to the editor
original text:

"I love semiotics... yes I do. Both designs are clearly from before September 11: One was AIGA's invitation to their 'vo1ce' conference about governmental design. After first intentions to keep the conference, it was finally cancelled in part due to logistics re: DC's Ronald Reagan airport. The other is a snapshot i took of a poster at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, just off the plane on September 24. This design would be too naive to publish after September 11... so the agency must have forgotten it was there, and how its meaning changed? It sure hit me."

'rectangle artists':
article on how designers create their own business cards:

"For his type foundry and his design studio, Joachim Muller-Lance developed two different variations: one card translucent, one opaque. The common denominator is the color."