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yup that's right: Typebox' posters centrally displayed, right above the booze-voucher desk.
if you can still count the stripes on the yellow sign, you'll get another drink... ;-)

Mike proved himself as a perfect uncle, with a darling baby tag for the birth of Joachim's TX Tiny Tim, inspired by an actual design he did for a San Francisco Hospital.
3 posters by Typebox
exhibited at the TypeGallery
of TypeCon2002 in toronto

...and brings Mike's TX Blotch to the stage as an hommage to the poster artists of '60s "Angura" underground theater in Japan.
As a first in history, Mike and Joachim designed these pieces using one another's fonts:
a worthwile experiment as we believe!

Joachim employs Mike's TX Manifesto Stencil on an eyestopping railroad crossing...
competition was stiff, numerous and manifold...