midday siesta nap between my parents,
in their garden: a feeling between the cover image of genesis' "selling england by the pound" and the garden scenes of david lynch's "blue velvet"
september 2000, germany
among humans, i can only give feelings, not skills
i'm no expert,
but maybe you know you had good sex
when the peppermint vapors
from your toothpaste
make your eyes water?
kartoffelsalat vom supermarkt:
entpuppte sich mit moehrenstreifen, gurken- und apfelscheibchen, je 2 mandarinenstueckchen & cocktailkirschen huebsch im eck der styroporschale. oh japan. im ernst! nicht undelikat.
gestern im restaurant "yu": spinat & sojakeimlingsalat, dekoriert mit cornflakes & dosenmais. dosenmais & spiegelei findet man hier auch auf pizza. beliebt bei studenten ist reis eingewickelt in duennes omelett, mit viel ketchup drueber: omu-raisu.
19.5.99 kyoto
my machines already love me, but are unable to tell me
how i could love them back
fenster, rollaeden, muell, timers, heizung, kuehlschrank, kuechentuere zu, letzte emails, pantoffeln, swappable drives, business cards, mouse mousepad electric adapter scsi adapter --- fertig zum reisen
freedom of the press is controlled by those who own it
if you're trying to break the rules,
you're still obsessed with them
women considering men
"raw material",
men considering women
"a piece of meat":
they deserve each other
disappointment with art
comes not from experience
but from expectations
hanging there
like two wild frogs in mid-air,
struck by lightning

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is shinto "glorified semiotics"?
meaning is everything.
like kanji, like mana, comma
love the sound of head crashing into buckwheat pillow as totally wasted going to sleep after too much /email /party /work /whatever / 6 in the morning
san francisco
i lost my altoid
may 13 2000 between parties
die spinnen, die DJs
may 19 2000, not translatable
any culture deserves the culture it's got
ashtray like a ufo, lamps like jellyfish
daigin minshuku kyoto, sanban heya

in any symmetrical design,
one half is redundant

3kg kissen, steifes laken wie papierklang, kakerlak + kleintiere, sandwich pfeffer/nusscreme, teure taxis, takarazuka, kanji, powerbook

most-used phrase in the computer world?
"it should work"

is a good drummer like a time bomb?
he needs to be the explosive,
but he also has to be the clock attached to it.
form calls for meaning
can't have context without meaning
can't have meaning without context
Q: where do you get fat from cheap food, and slim from expensive food?