soltero y cuarenton,
!que suerte tienes, ladron!
spanish saying, related by prof. gauger
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all empty souls tend to extreme opinion
w. b. yeats

dem wissenden ist die abstraktion eigen
(the sage is a friend of abstraction)

time may change
the techniques of music
but never its mission
sergei rakhmaninov

if you sleep on it, make it up
if you wear it, hang it up
if you drop it, pick it up
if you step on it, wipe it off
if you open it, close it
if you empty it, fill it up
if it rings, answer it
if it howls, feed it
if it cries, love it

wenn dummheit weh taete,
dann waerst du den ganzen tag am schreien

recent eruptions forced thousands of residents to seek refuse in makeshift shelters
"radio i", nagoya/japan
8 april 2000
christians don't believe in superstition
diana stoen's mother
late 1980s
every morning it takes longer
to look like the day before
hi, this is isaac hayes. i want you to live in the new millennium, and i don't want you to get the SHAFT. so, fasten your seatbelts for safety.
taped announcement when entering new york taxicabs
fear art
bumpersticker in santa cruz

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- nice jeans! what brand are they?
- "Guess"!
- i have no idea.
2 women in elevator
overheard by greg galle
san francisco 1987
- yo cheryl, get into the camaro!
- no joey, fuck you!
- no cheryl, you're wrong:
fuck you!
overheard by nathan shedroff
palo alto 1989
die seele der fraun und das innre der worscht
bleiben ewig unerforscht
professore jochen albrecht
alles hat ein ende
nur die wurst hat zwei

we establised a fine coffee.
what everybody can say TASTY.
It's fresh, so-mild. with some
special coffee's bitter and sourtaste.
is our selling copy.
Please loveCAFE MIAMI !
Many thanks.
cafe miami, shinjuku station bus stop

art that does not benefit knowledge
is inreliable
mounir al shaaran

nur der freie ist dem freien freund
only the free man is a friend of the free
ahmed shauki /gilgamesh epic

- gyoza:
deep fried home made dumping.
- mambo jumbo:
large shrimps (2pcs) stuffed with shrimps in shrimp
menu of restaurant "sharaku",
new york

super chicken
burma shave
septic leach field
band names? no,
letterings at inverness yacht club

recognition is a deserved reward for sticking with it; a prize given for pursuing improvement of both technique and the time constraints so critical in professional liaison.
"when i get around to it..." or, "my muse hasn't inspired me..." are both the thinly disguised hallmark of the amateur or the self-delusionary auteur.
syd mead
it is difficult to predict anything, especially the past
edward detyna
you cannot solve a problem
with the same mind
that created it
we may well be able to do what we want,
but we cannot want what we want
einfaltspinsel = ausfaltspinsel
guestbook of german youth hostel
(in spite of his age, his resistance to conform has not at all weakened over the years);
in any media, stubbornness proves to be the key element of the avant-garde.
stephan kohler in "wingspan" inflight magazine of all nippon airways, on japanese master potter shigetoshi nakazato
may 2002
voluntary self-limitation results often in a much wider scope of freedom and abundance of choice than the superficial belief that freedom means the uncritical doing of anything that comes up and using any material available.
japanese master potter shigetoshi nakazato
Der Mensch erfaehrt und geniesst nichts, ohne sogleich produktiv zu werden. Dies ist die innerste Eigenschaft der menschlichen Natur. Ja man kann ohne Uebertreibung sagen, es sei die menschliche Natur selbst.
Man experiences and enjoys nothing without becoming productive right away. This is the innermost quality of human nature. Yes it can be said without exaggeration, that this is human nature itself.
J.W. Goethe
we reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone
"specs" bar, north beach, san francisco
die schwierigkeiten wachsen, je naeher man dem ziele kommt
difficulties grow, the closer you come to your goal
johann wolfgang von goethe