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ATypI 2001 in copenhagen...

too much coffee?
there's relief --

the ATypI flag hanging purdy...

and the typebox catalog lying spruce.

can you see the writing on the wall?

it's a ok.

exhibits in the main hall:

as one speaker had it, danish type seems based more on constructed lettering, while dutch type draws on calligraphy?

presentations by our speakers:
beauty, functionality and humor
don't need to exclude each other.

top row:
paul van der laan takes calligraphy into pixels
thomas milo rescues arabic into the digital age
albert-jan pool brings humor into signage
("bad road ahead: watch your dentures")

bottom row:
jan middendorp brings european and cuban
hand-lettering back into the game

...and finally our gala dinner
at the cannon factory:

outside cooking inside