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15 essays from leading information design theoreticians and practitioners, plus glossary of terms, bibliography and more.
thoroughly indexed interface.
in japanese only.


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joachim muller-lance:
"Learning from those who don't know: User-created and amended public information design"

it's out!

the new book "jouhou-dezain"
(information design)
from graphic-sha.

228 pages, 140x280mm, yen 2800

>> information (in japanese only)

The Charter:
12 counsels for public information design.


Nothing special
We've all done information design before. Information designers are not specialists, but generalists.

On ignorance
The less you know before the job, the better. Asking questions, being like the audience, will help make the content clearer for the public.

On research
Your work requires more research, or learning - than formgiving, or executing.

On reason
Common sense is indispensable. Vision and imagination will come on their own, through practice.

On change
Society grows, flows, changes:
In public information, nothing is final. Design for change, accommodate for growth.

On depth
Don't "make it simple" - just make it clear. Provide levels of depth or intricacy, so all audiences can choose how far they want to go.

On breadth
Keep it clean, don't mix or blur:
Not all kinds of communication are information. Recognize the differences and provide clear distinctions.

On clients
Involve all parties, but designate their involvement: Timing, roles of contribution, levels of influence and decision power.

On process
Start with the most difficult part. Once the worst-case scenario is resolved, everything will almost fall into place.

On people
Are you treating your audience like you want to be treated? Information should be offered, not imposed.

On budget
Learn to transform a goat's ear into a silk purse, but never tell anyone that you can.

On ending
By the way, people also need your heart in the work.


Joachim Muller-Lance