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march 2002
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double whammy!

page magazine, germany:

article on bukva:raz! featuring kame's "nichiyou-daiku"

article on typeface catalogs by independent foundries

it's out!

the new book "jouhou-dezain"
(information design)
from graphic-sha.

"voluntary self-limitation results often in a much wider scope of freedom and abundance of choice than the superficial belief that freedom means the uncritical doing of anything that comes up and using any material available."
- japanese master potter shigetoshi nakazato
"in spite of his age, his resistance to conform has not at all weakened over the years;
in any media, stubbornness proves to be the key element of the avant-garde
- stephan kohler in "wingspan" inflight magazine of all nippon airways, on japanese master potter shigetoshi nakazato, may 2002