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meeting the great mitsuo katsui -sensei,
longtime judge for the morisawa awards,
professor of musashino art university

(see: "japanese design - a survey since 1950"
philadelphia museum of art / harry n. abrams)

all photography by:
yasuo saji, tokyo
akira kobayashi, tokyo

to his great surprise,
jml was asked to give the opening speech to the morisawa exhibition...

the moment of a lifetime --
jml struggled to decide which language... and then struggled to give his first japanese speech ever

jml signing his poster
"mainichi kame-iro"
as a gift to the morisawa company

kame forgot his suit...
but is never shy
of his corporate color

1999 morisawa awards: - the - c e r e m o n y

tuesday, 18 january 2000
morisawa co. tokyo branch
2-27, shimomiyabi-cho, shinjuku-ku, tokyo

prize-giving: 3:00pm, 9th floor
mini party: 4:00-5:00pm at MOTS, 1st floor

...nijikai: izakaya
...sanjikai: yakitori
...til midnight...

...special thanks to the friendly team at morisawa co., who placed shirokuro's "east" and "west" styles as the link between the kanji and latin sections!