what's new:
in january 2000...

live from the morisawa award ceremony: jml receives 2 prizes for kametype's first kanji!
3 weeks in japan: interesting findings on design.

"sugoku kirei na syasin!
kawaii syasin!
kakkoii syasin!
n - great!"
yasuko naito

red circles
odd couples
street art
letter games

new findings in japan


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january 2000

1999 morisawa awards:
the award ceremony
18 january 2000 in tokyo

from 3pm to midnight,
hours of challenge and fun...


> ceremony report

> design samples

> morisawa's print announcement

> morisawa's web announcement >>



> poster "mainichi kame-iro"
> new year card



the official announcement from Morisawa is published in:
Graphis 326 march/april 2000
Eye 35, vol.9, spring 2000
Tategumi-Yokogumi 54 /2000

"syasin dake ha tumaranai
he he he"