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shuriken boy
used in the most fun way
on a polaroid camera+film pack
in europe
shuriken boy
used in the most distinguished way
on the cover of adobe's type catalog.

...altogether, it is a joy to see how all designers use shuriken boy so right-on.

please send your sightings, thank you! you'll get credit.


shuriken boy
used in the most charming way
in the san francisco yellow pages

shuriken boy
used in the most fighting way
in 'noodlefight',
a flash game by gorillaz.com

('noodle' is the 11-year-old japanese guitarist of the virtual animated band 'gorillaz')

[coming up:
shuriken boy used in computer advertizing
in tokyo's 'axis' magazine]
[all artwork shown for the mere purpose of displaying kametype's involvement through its typeface 'shuriken boy'.
any applicable trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.]