what's new:

information design article for AXIS, japan.
morisawa awards report in Druk, belgium.
shuriken boy becoming increasingly popular...

celebration 2000

shuriken boy "cover-to-cover"...

in a british 2-cd compilation
of '70s and '90s dance party hits

metallic hologram pattern
and die-cut lettered slipcase...

may 2000

AXIS magazine, tokyo
may / june 2000 issue:
feature "getting there, getting things"
on interface design:

opening 6-page article
"design through entropy:
nothing is final"

- defining information
- survey of public interface design
- outlook on future methodology

(text and all pictures)


cafe linux

shuriken boy
looking good in chrome...

and happy to embellish this community.

Druk magazine, belgium
#004, spring
2000 issue
"what's new?" section:

report about jml's morisawa prizes
and akira kobayashi's linotype award
"the "crossover brothers"