fun or serious

four kametypes are available from the finest type houses.
each comes with its own mascot:
find them hidden on this page as well...

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ff lance condensed family:
light, medium and bold.

available from
fontshop international

gold prize
1993 morisawa international typeface design competition
tokyo, japan

shuriken boy

adobe original >>
available from
adobe systems

included in "bukva:raz!" - world's 100 best typefaces of the millennium - by ATypI and UNO


adobe original >>
available from
adobe systems


adobe original >>
available from
adobe systems

adobe bestseller
april 1998

"...enmaranado gutenberg:
la casa con aranas,
en tinieblas.
de pronto entra por la ventana
una letra de oro.
...asi nacio la imprenta..."

pablo neruda:
oda a la tipografia

sample promotion art
as seen in

verlag hermann schmitt
mainz, germany /
thames & hudson, new york

graphis digital fonts 1
graphis press, new york

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found on recent CDs like
"celebration 2000"
and astroboy's
"mighty atom groovy trax"

house type of "cafe linux"

fireworks displays of japan's "lawson" store chain

and seen in dj q-bert's "inner space dental commander"...

lifetime channel's
breast cancer
programming 1998

"just married"
independent movie,
germany 1997

jml's type bio