cartooning / animation / illustration
brought to life since 1995

download sample pdf portfolio

IWB industrielle werke basel, switzerland

logo animations
for new identity rollout

for AND trafic grafic, basel
with jean-benoit levy

lotus notes software

for new interface design

for M.A.D., sausalito
with patricia mc shane
and erik adigard

barclays global investors,
san francisco:
3.w client conference

"the dating game"
presentation graphics

"katrins toller geburtstag"
katrina's cool birthday

computer game

penguins by katrin meyer

son gokuu
dragonball 18
akira toriyama

still or moving?
kawaii yo ne

"maa demo,
tadori tsuita yatsu ga irunnara,
ora mo nan to ka naru kamoshire nee na?"

oh my,
if someone else has achieved it,
maybe somehow i can get there too?