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october 2002
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including icon designs for:
Wired magazine's info section
Lotus software with M.A.D.

m'enfin! un autre gagneur:

shuriken boy used in paris, by planet hollywood on the champs-elysees.

kame in P.I.E. books from japan,
in their latest publication:
pictogram and icon graphics

a larger view of "language culture type",
by atypi and graphis,
about the international "bukva:raz!" contest

4 winners out of 100:
nichiyou daiku
shuriken boy

> see last month's award ceremony
at atypi rome 2002

puresento! erande! yonde!
(a present! choose! read!)
kame's typeface shuriken boy is a winner again:

japanese yomiuri shinbun ("read-sell newspaper") is courting new u.s. susbscibers in its 'yomitoku kyanpein' (read-win campaign) with a shuriken boy slot machine theme...

"hissatsu kozo ken" (^^) ...

october seems shuriken-month?
the third finding within 10 days:
audiophile paul vidal of southern france is into groovy vintage vinyl.

kame seconds that emotion, with a collection of 400+ vinyls...

special thx again to scoutmaster florian fangohr for his 3rd find!



"well i'm just a modern guy
of course i've had it in the ear before"

- iggy pop in: lust for life