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"communication is the problem to the answer"
the things we do for love

axis magazine, tokyo
may / june 2000 issue:
feature "getting there, getting things"
on interface design.

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>> where to buy axis

design through entropy:
nothing is final

article opening the feature

- defining information
- survey of public interface design
- outlook on future methodology

text and all pictures

visionplus7 conference tama university, tokyo
october 1999

with their own hands:
vernacular public design

article announcing jml's lecture

visionplus7 conference newsletter
september 1999

druk magazine no.2,
fontshop benelux' new magazine

the "streetwise" issue:

with their own hands:
vernacular public design

presentation script

> see pix and tales
from the conference

traveling lecture on typeface design

sanpo ni ikou yo

a stroll through japan, cruising for handmade design

documentation, text and layout

IdN magazine
(international designers network), hong kong:
volume 3, issues 1 and 2, 1996
redesign of the
1040 u.s. tax form

for publish's
"1994 grand makeover"
PAGE magazine germany

publish magazine
san francisco

"this is information..."

article series in 2 parts
on information design

3 years of practice
at wells fargo nikko i.a.
and barclays global investors

type design 1984-2000:
consistency in leaps and bounds

on swiss training, self-training,
the fonts FF lance, shuriken boy,
ouch!, flood, tiny tim, cortina
- and the euro

mm director presentation

(investigations in the beyond)

report on
"FUSE'98 Beyond Typography"
san francisco 1998

ATypI leipzig/germany
type design convention,
september 2000:

>> visit ATypI's website

digital classicism:
five centuries of type & typography

conference report

text and all pictures

typebox catalog,
autumn 2001

pictures, letters, symbols and sounds:
a look at shape and meaning

article of 2001
illustrations of 1987-2006

typecon toronto 2002
atypi rome 2002

crossover type design:
designing kanji with western eyes

conference lecture