happy birthday, shuriken-boy! now you are 10 years old.

back in 1993, people said: "well, you better hurry up - this new techno-craze will be over in a year or two."

yeah right.

kame sign
kame toon
kame type
june 2003
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shuriken boy assists bavarian comedian guenter gruenwald on his web page for germany's bavarian tv channel

thanks to jens kreitmeyer


and for your many children, visit this toy shop in paris, on rue montorgueil at rue turbigo, near the st. eustache church (metro 'les halles')

thanks to yasuko, frédéric, miki

the new japanese computer magazine "SOHO" chose shuriken boy for its own logo

thanks to tateno ryuichi for this great find

a retrospective of previous shuriken-boy usages, in "Druk" magazine last year

thanks to jan middendorp at fontshop belgium

after your june wedding, make "shure" you got the power...

even the name of this product seems to be "inspired" by the font name?
(the old notion: imitation as the most honest form of flattery...)

thanks to richard kegler at p22

...and back to the sublime:

prominent berlin designer anna berkenbusch used shuriken boy for "berliner akzente" (berlin accents), the newsletter of the bank 'sparkasse'

thanks to katrin meyer