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may 2003
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from there, we built each student's design out into a useful 'core' character set.

"revenons à nos moutons"...
like an alsatian shepherd dog, kame jogged up and down between the 2nd-floor classroom and the basement computer lab for 3 days, to take care of every little sheep's wooly type designs.

before the workshop, the students had to do a homework of a few letterform designs, in their favorite idea.

starting with a group critique, kame reviewed, commented, and recommended ways to continue for every student.

a tree trunk made of painted concrete
a tree trunk made of unpainted tree

grass made of painted concrete
grass made of unpainted grass

a sign made of painted concrete...

impressions from the classroom...

the students were very "sympa", curious and dedicated, and great to work with.

ESAD école superieure des arts décoratifs,
in strasbourg, alsace, france:

kame teaches a 3-day workshop on type design, with 16 students...

an all-round pleasant and inspiring experience.

all theory is gray... (or shades thereof).

nothing on the board for the "design of the month"...

...and the lady asks,
"well? have you decided what your destiny shall be? do you still want to be an artist?"

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parbleu, les starving artistes have to manger!
especially after such an intensive haul.

crêperie "la korrygane" offered their downstairs caveau just for us, with yummy crêpes and cidre from brittany.

kame presented the book "indie fonts 1" as a thank-you gift to professor roesch, and we all signed it.

hope to see strasbourg again next year!


ESAD professor pierre roesch was the one who invited kame to strasbourg.

it all started from a conversation at ATypI rome 2002...