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february 2002
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aaaah yeeeah...
just in time for valentine,
shuriken boy gets into 'thug passion' by fashion designer karlkani

in 'the source' magazine, new york
february 2002, page 65

[xtra supa dope thx to scoutmasta flo for the find]

happy valentine
to all of you...

lots of love from kame.

uuuuui... sugee naa...
the valentines are getting even hotter.

shuriken boy in an online-ad for japanese cartoon porn...

hey, one day something like this had to happen. why be shy about showing it? typefaces are open to be used by anyone for anything. shuriken boy continues to be retained for the coolest stuff, it just got a little wilder.

(what is a 'massive toon facial'?)

[luv and reckless abandon to the one veird vacky vilson for the find]