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friday march 2, 2001:
wolfgang weingart
's lecture to over 1000 san francisco designers and students.

after the show:

jan gassel to wolfgang: "so now, who is gutenberg really?"
(alluding to a remark in his lecture).
wolfgang weingart: "probably... it's him" (pointing at joachim).
joachim (shaking hands): "i'll give it my best!"

jan gassel an wolfgang: "wer ist denn nun eigentlich gutenberg?"
(in anspielung auf seine bemerkung waehrend des vortrags).
wolfgang weingart: "er isses... wahrscheinlich" (auf joachim zeigend).
joachim (handschuettelnd): "ich werd mich bemuehen!"

...and don't forget the next show...

kame plays again with sadsadfun!

friday march 30th, 9pm
at edinburgh castle, san francisco

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typebox will appear
in german design magazine "form"
in its may 2001 issue.

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photos by farhad j. parsa with laura ciapponi
march 2001
kame toon
kame type
kame sign
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