what's new:
in november '99...

finally, the long-awaited visionplus7 conference in tokyo!
a large travel report of new inspirations from japan, modern and old.

"i have always known
that at last i would
take this road, but yesterday
i did not know that it would be today.

ariwara no narihira
9th century

after a year and a half in the making, the visionplus7 conference
went lovely, thanks to all friends in the committee, invisible helpers, and the students of tama university!

pix and tales from the conference
(major download)

script and pix of jml's presentation

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is there life after visionplus?

surprising and disarming experiences in its wake; - or:

soul siblings; - or:

on field research:
continuing explorations into vernacular, organic, and inadvertent design

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the sun plus
root, origin, book...

history can be very serious
or very fun
in museums and shops

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november 1999