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january 2003
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"bukva:raz!" exhibition
United Nations Headquarters, New York
17 January 2003

Kame was invited to speak opening remarks and to annotate the panel with his "ai" kanji.
Many thanks to Maxim Zhukov and the entire team preparing exhibition and event!



Opening remarks

Type has a long and great history –
we can only catch a glimpse at a short time period here: A selection from the turn of the millennium, 1997 to 2001.

Type design is a slim business –
yet here at this exhibition we have such a rich turnout, from many cultures.

Type design is a very lonely activity –
but here at this gathering we have great community, and visibility.

Why do we do all this work?
Do we really need more fonts? 1974 counted over 3000 registered font names, today we have over 30,000 at least, as a modest guess.

But then, do we really need more music? Do we need more art, more stories, more movies?

We all know the serious developments and events of the past months.
Gaps have opened, and we need to build bridges in talking and writing. As type designers, we hope to provide the nuts and bolts for these bridges.
Doors have been closed, so new windows have to be opened. We hope we can be the hinges.

A world that keeps changing presents new challenges, which will continue to spawn new ideas and solutions.
Creativity is never over. Culture must stay alive. So, we'll keep going. I promise.

Joachim Müller-Lancé



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Gary van Dis (Conde Nast)
Mark Batty (ATypI)
Joachim Müller-Lancé (kame design, typebox)
Giandomenico Picco (UN)

Special thanks to Cynthia Batty for these 2 photos >>