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april 2003
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why do westerners love "wabisabi"?

kame goes one step further (^^)

07 april 2003:

happy birthday astro-boy!
atomu-kun o-tanjoubi omedetou!

do you take these trains to go to school?

a tree trunk made of painted concrete
a tree trunk made of unpainted tree

grass made of painted concrete
grass made of unpainted grass

a sign made of painted concrete...

imaichou, part of yagi (nara-ken):

your cauliflower is bigger than mine...
(actually, called "kabotan" or leaf-peony)

a strange mason's mark,
presumably a kanji character?

the 'fire run' of nara,
at the "o-mizu-tori" festival:

men haul poles, burning bales of straw
run across the temple balcony
speed rhythm movements
chosen in long-prepared ritual
raining sparks for good luck
onto the cheering audience
sea of turquoise cel-phone flames
flashing cameras for absent friends

...more impressions from nihon:

rain rain rain...
(kame ame dame!)

...but japan seems to greet
kame's "mini-maru"
with plenty pixel-fever...

...a door made of painted tree,

a web page made of unpainted intent.



5 a place with details

7 a man with his camera

5 using his laptop