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in december '99...

2 prizes from the 1999 morisawa awards, for kametype's first kanji / roman!
the second round of infographics for WIRED.
kawaii shashin placed in WIRED's pre-millenium issue.

"i don't want to be rich --
i just want to be wonderful

marilyn monroe

1999 morisawa awards
international typeface design competition:

judge's prize from takenobu igarashi for "shirokuro nishi (west)",
a latin typeface designed to be typeset together with:

honorable mention
for "shirokuro higashi (east)",
kametype's first kanji typeface.



> ceremony report
> design samples

> morisawa's print announcement

>> morisawa's web announcement
on their site

WIRED magazine 7.12
december 1999
photos for article on the "cute" (kawaii) phenomenon in japan

find the 6 pictures
that jml shot in japan... :)

december 1999

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

second round of "infoporn" for
WIRED magazine 7.11
november 1999

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