typebox receives its first article in german PAGE magazine!

kame plays drums with sadsadfun!

thursday february 8th, 9pm
at edinburgh castle, san francisco

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2 pages in germany's leading computer design monthly:
january 2001 issue.

PAGE magazine is the first publication to write about typebox.

the german original of this article
can be found in PAGE issue 01.01, january 2001, pages 56-57.

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new york, new york.

once again, kame researched vernacular public design...

...and renegade tile art.

a note to kame's faithful readers >

happy new year 2001!
from this issue on,
kamenews has a new masthead.

it is more consistent with kame's new homepage design
it provides simpler navigation, yet expanded
it saves screen space for better overview
it is faster through less gif-downloads
it has less colors distracting from the pictures
it is more essential.

hope you will like it.

(for nostalgia,
the 1999 and 2000 kamenews will keep the old masthead.)

very best,

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january 2001