(in russian: "number one"): AtypI's first international type design contest,
in collaboration with the UNO: '2001, the year of dialogue between cultures'.

four typefaces from kame are chosen into a selection of 100 typefaces worldwide, from 14 alphabet cultures.
kame's two japanese designs are the only kanji typefaces represented.

'certificate of excellence as a type designer'
and inclusion in the book in preparation by graphis press.

kame sign
kame toon
kame type
december 2001

shirokuro higashi / nichi:
"black and white" east / west.

a japanese and latin typeface pair, already awarded with two prizes at the 1999 morisawa contest.

the "sunday carpenter".

inspired by folkloristic taiwanese lettering, this is an hommage to all weekend hobbyists tinkering around the world... ;-)

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shuriken boy
needs no further introduction.

kame's most popular typeface keeps finding many great uses.


begun 18 years ago as a freshman,
all experiences come together now,
in an alphabet that desires to be
more perfect than the romans.

happy holidays
to all of you!
and a great new year -
we need it.

fontshop's online magazine tribe
just published its second issue: "handmade".
kame reported from japan again.

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>> read a report by john berry
at creativepro.com

> see the award ceremony
at atypi rome 2002

> see it all in the new book
"language culture type"